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VPSEO is the China SEO Company exclusively powered by Google’s Search Evaluation Specialist & Web Rater. We offer one-stop and full SEO services at affordable price, including: Google SEO, Yahoo/Bing SEO and Baidu SEO. We have optimized over 500 websites, with 15,000+ keywords ranking guaranteed, 1,000% increased in traffic, 99% successful rate. And most of our clients are ranking top 5 for their industry most competitive keywords. Choose VPSEO to be your SEO Company, enjoy the huge growth of site traffic, leads and sales brought by our SEO services. Contact our SEO expert now for free consultation!

What is SEO and it’s Importance

“SEO” means search engine optimisation, SEO (web optimisation) works with your website and online marketing to provide the best search engine results. When search engines can’t find your site, business is lost, which also means losing money. Professional SEO services can help you speed up the relevancy of your website and in turn, increase it with investment, bringing your business closer to potential customers. SEO can generate more traffic to your website at a relatively low cost, SEO is an essential part of your Internet marketing techniques.

Why you need SEO Marketing?

Every business should invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), here are some benefits or advantages of SEO:

Search Engines Platforms Supported

Being the only SEO Agency founded by Ex-Googler in GUANGZHOU, we offer SEO services for: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and Multinational SEO.

Google Search

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Unique Search Engine Optimization Services

10+ years of SEO Experience; Powered by Google’s Search Specialist; HKG Digital is your trusted SEO Partner in China
Keyword Research
Keywords – words and terms that consumers use when browsing for a product or service online – are vital to the search results of a business website.
Conversion Optimization
Easy-to-read and search websites tend to attract and retain the users or guests in sight, i.e. they are more likely to become faithful clients, subscribers and tourists.
Mobile SEO
Easy-to-read and search websites tend to attract and retain the users or guests in sight, i.e. they are more likely to become faithful clients, subscribers and tourists.
Content Optimization
If the content does not matter, or confuses users, the website is not understood by Google and does not show them in SERP.
On-Page SEO
SEO Techniques: Meta Tags, Contents, Keyword Density, Website Structure, SEO URL, Page Loading Speed, Sitemap, etc.
Ranking Report
Monthly Ranking Report generated by trusted and accurate 3rd party tool allows you to enjoy the improvements every month.
Local SEO

Enhancing local search results at your pages will help to increase your exposure, which is what your consumers want.

SEO Audit Report
Website Revamp? Ranking fluctuation? Punished by Google? Our SEO Experts are ready to solve any SEO issues.
Off-Page SEO / Link Building
If websites are the bricks, links are the mortar. Link building is essential to ensure better ranking and better results.
Page 1 Guarantee *
Top 10 Guarantee for Google Search thanks to familiar with Search Engines, User Behavior and SEO.
Brand Reputation Management
A lot of bad news or reviews in the internet or search results? Our unique ORM/BRM method can help you fix.
ASO (App Store Optimization)
ASO for App Store and Google Play: Ranking Guarantee; Real Downloads, Rating and Reviews.

Ranking Guarantee for 500+ Websites

There are many different industries under the umbrella of B2B marketing protection. Guangzhou Weilai Technology, as an exclusive B2B marketing agency, helps the following industries develop their brand information and positioning, create eye-catching B2B website designs, and use content marketing to gain ideological leadership content in front of ideal potential customers.

CNC Machining


Computer Hardware


Building Material


Here are some frequently asked SEO questions from our clients.

Search engine optimization, aka SEO, refers to the things you can do to improve your website’s visibility in search engines.

SEO techniques focus on increasing the organic, or natural, traffic that you receive based on your ranking within the search engines. In other words, it helps people find your website on Google without you needing to pay for ads.

The goal of search engine optimization is to ensure your website appeals to search engine crawlers, or bots. The search engines will take note of your site and its content, categorizing it in a way that will allow it to show up in the SERPs (search engine results pages) when certain keywords are queried.

SEO involves technical works on your website, most SMEs in Hong Kong have limited resources, and it’s expensive to recruit a full time SEO expert. Hire an SEO Agency in the best option. HKG Digital offers affordable SEO plans to maximize your ROI.

Our advantages include: favorable prices; Ranking guarantee; Service quality and effectiveness guarantee: All SEO work is handled by former Google search evaluation experts (not available from other SEO companies), and our clients are among the top in the industry!

Simply put, SEO is a continuous optimization task that professional SEO companies perform: keyword research, competitor analysis, website construction and optimization, content optimization, backlinks, ranking reports, and data analysis.

1. Brand based e-commerce websites: All e-commerce websites require SEO, otherwise relying solely on advertising to generate traffic will seriously reduce your profits

2. B2B business: Especially in industries with global demand, it will save you the cost of attending product exchange meetings every year and receive a continuous stream of orders from around the world 365 days a year

3. Industries with particularly high customer acquisition costs or click through prices per advertisement: such as medical beauty, real estate, and financial loans

4. Websites that cannot advertise on Google, such as doctors and e-cigarette products

No, We only provide white hat SEO optimization services. Black hat SEO technology has the opportunity to gain rankings in a short period of time, but it is easily affected by search engine algorithm updates, and the website may be punished and lose all rankings. We still recommend gradual white hat SEO, as your website’s ranking will be higher, more durable, and stable.

SEO and keyword advertising (Google Ads) have their own advantages, but if you have a limited budget and focus on ROI, we suggest starting with SEO. When encountering Peak Season, you can use keyword advertising to boost sales.

Based on protecting the interests of our clients, we have only displayed some website building and SEO cases online. Please feel free to contact us for details. My SEO clients cover multiple different categories: retail and wholesale, commercial services, catering and entertainment, educational institutions, healthcare, beauty, finance companies, banks, interior design, mini warehouses, online stores, e-cigarettes, adult products, and more than 500 websites.

1. Local Search SEO: Enable your potential customers to search for your business’ products and services locally on Google Maps by optimizing Google My Business

2. Keyword SEO: By doing brand keyword SEO, you can not only bring in accurate target customers, but also improve your website’s online reputation and let the world know about your products and services

3. Traffic SEO: For the majority of e-commerce companies, especially branded e-commerce companies, the traffic brought by advertisements will consume 10%-20% of their revenue. If a branded e-commerce company does not do traffic SEO, it is almost working for Google ads or Facebook ads

SEO Simple Process: Choose the right SEO plan > Sign up and pay > Confirm keywords > SEO work > Start ranking guarantee > Monthly ranking report and analysis

No. We are an SEO company and only provide SEO services. For more information and tutorials on SEO, visit our blog.


Interested in our SEO advocacy program? The following are some questions customers have before joining the program.

No, not recommended. Some SEO agencies in HK may accept but we would like to state that it is difficult and ineffective for an SEO campaign with only one keyword.

For example, “SEO” is one of the most difficult keywords to push, you need other long tails keywords such as “SEO Hong Kong”, “SEO HK”, “SEO Expert”, “Google SEO” to support. Although those keywords have less search volume than “SEO”, they are more easily to get to the first page, and hence you get traffic in a short period of time.

And if users are looking look for services or company, they would search “SEO Agency”, “SEO Company Hong Kong”, “SEO Services”. If you just optimize one keyword, you would probably lose a huge portion of potential clients.

Moreover, over-optimizing one keyword may easily get penalized by Google.

Depending on the industry, we recommend optimizing at least 20 sets of keywords. For some highly competitive industries, we suggest at least 30 or 40 words. If the online store provides many different kinds of products, we suggest 50 words or more.

If your business is unique, or only one product, service, we would recommend optimizing 5 – 10 key

SEO takes time and is a long-term optimization project. It takes at least six months or even a year to bring considerable traffic to the website, especially in highly competitive industries. Of course, there are also some websites with a good foundation. After our technology and on-site optimization, the ranking can be improved immediately.

1. SEO requires time and money investment at the beginning

2. Usually you can see the ranking and traffic within 3 months: the new website may take longer, if it is an old website, after our SEO experts complete the technical optimization, the ranking and traffic will immediately improve significantly

3. As time goes by, SEO will bring more and more website traffic and business

Generally speaking, the ranking will not drop immediately, but the search engine algorithm will be updated continuously (Google updates its algorithm more than 300 times a year), we should always check, continuously optimize the website and add high-quality external links, your competitors will Keep showing up, challenging your position, if you don’t advance, you will retreat. And when you get good rankings, traffic and business, there is no reason to stop SEO promotion.

Yes, we provide website building and SEO services in Chinese , English & Japanese. It is also one of our goals to develop our company’s business through the method of SEO.

No. We only offer an annual fee plan, starting from the first day of SEO services, you need to charge for one year in advance. Some SEO companies in the market advertise that they will not charge if they are unsuccessful, which means that they will only start charging when a keyword ranks on the first page. The plan without charging if unsuccessful is like the breathing plan for buying a new building. They will suggest some long-tail keywords that are easy to rank, such as “Guangzhou SEO optimization service company”, and then charge high fees. Don’t be greedy for small things!

VPSEO provides a reasonable price, one price, the four major search engines are effective, and maximize your SEO ROI.

A link from a directory, blog, web portal or another industry site to your website is counted as a vote by Google that your site is important. The more high quality links the higher your search results for targeted keywords.

Except for keywords such as brand or company name, there should be no SEO company in Guangdong or even in the world that can guarantee the number one ranking. If any SEO company claims to be able to guarantee the number one ranking, you should be vigilant and understand the content of the contract in detail, and pay for the service carefully , so as not to be deceived.

However, we offer a first page (top 10) ranking guarantee, please talk to our SEO promotion experts for details. Note: Most of our clients’ main keywords can rank in the top few positions.

Yes. Customers need to provide the highest authority to log in to the website. For Customized CMS we need FTP or cPanel login. If the website Login is not available, we will provide a technical requirements document for your company to complete.

Website is the most basic element of SEO, you only need a simple website to participate in our SEO promotion plan. If necessary, we are happy to provide you with professional web design services.

In addition to traditional, simplified and English-language regions, we also provide SEO optimization services in different languages, such as Japanese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, Dutch, French, German and Spanish. other languages? Ask our SEO experts.

Technical SEO FAQ

We receive many inquiries about what SEO is, especially technical questions, and answer them here.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting targeted traffic to your website from organic rankings in search engines. In the Internet age, when almost everyone wants to know about a service or product, they will search on major search engines. Therefore, doing a good job in search engine optimization (SEO) is also the best free way to acquire just-needed users.

And 97% of people only look at the first page of the search results page, and 80% of them only look at the natural search results on the first page, not the advertising results (with the word “Ad” or “advertising”). These non-advertising content recommended by Google on the homepage are the result of SEO optimization.

The main factors that determine SEO performance include:

On-site optimization: SEO settings on the website itself
High-quality content: high-quality articles, pictures, and video content on the website
Backlinks: How many high-quality websites are willing to link to your website

If your website is .hk or .com.hk, you can only rank in Hong Kong. However, people from other regions (especially mainland China) may also have the opportunity to search for it. If it is .com and the default language is English, you can set the target as the United States + global customers, but due to fierce competition, you need to follow more keywords and time to have a significant effect. You can also set subdomains, subdirectories or different domain names to optimize for different regions.

SEO plugins for WordPress sites can only handle the simplest SEO parts, such as optimizing titles and descriptions, adding simple semantic markup, etc. SEO operations are not the only ones. Although the WordPress SEO plugin can assist the website to perform SEO, it still requires SEO companies to perform various optimizations.

First, the websites of schools (.edu), institutions (.org) and government departments (.gov) and their corresponding domain names may have relatively high weight. In Google search, if you search for certain keywords, the same articles will come up, but the websites with high domain name authority will be ranked first, and they are more likely to be ranked on the first page of the Google search page.

Second, the domain name contains keywords, which are helpful for ranking, such as: www.vpseo.com.

Totally wrong! Simply writing a blog is okay in the early days of SEO. However, with the development in recent years, millions of new websites are born on the Internet every day, resulting in more complex search engine algorithms.

SEO should not only be established on the homepage, secondary pages and bottom pages of the website, but also the most basic pictures, texts, and videos must be optimized.

Note: Some local SEO companies in the market will advise customers to write blogs, but they all write for the sake of writing, without SEO strategies, and if the rankings are not advanced, they will fall back.

Updating the BLOG on behalf of the client is included in our SEO services. Therefore, customers do not need to update the BLOG by themselves, and can devote more energy to follow-up with foreign trade customers.

Rest assured, as one of the most popular SEO companies in Guangzhou, we care more about rankings and traffic than our clients. We monitor website ranking and traffic in real time, change SEO strategies and keywords when necessary, and stabilize and improve your website ranking.

Not recommended. If Chinese netizens want to search for global products and services, they prefer to use Google over the wall. If you want to do Baidu SEO, we recommend setting up a .cn or .com.cn website and hosting it in the Mainland.

When choosing web hosting, the most important things for SEO are speed and whether there are adequate security mechanisms. As for the region where the host is located, it has something to do with the location of your expected visitors. If the region where the host is located can allow target users to browse smoothly and quickly, it doesn’t matter if it is located in any region.

Shopify can definitely do SEO. Some Google SEO companies will tell customers that Shopify can’t do SEO, they need Revamp and use WordPress, but in fact shopify is suitable for SEO, and we also have many customers who use shopify and have good rankings. Of course, if you want to rank quickly and have a better ranking, we still recommend using WordPress.

We need to log in to the website to confirm whether it can do SEO. In general, if we can change the title, set a friendly URL, add content, and have an FTP or cPanel login, we can perform SEO.

If the custom CMS lacks certain functions, such as setting friendly URLs, it is recommended to recreate them with WORDPRESS.

SEO teaching and information

Provide the fastest and latest news, teaching and tips about SEO, let you understand and master the secrets of search engine optimization, increase website traffic, and bring more business.