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VPSEO provides one-stop webpage design, production, hosting, management and website optimization services. We have produced more than 300 webpages, including corporate websites, information webpages and online stores. We make sure your web pages are SEO friendly, mobile responsive, fast loading and more. Domain name, hosting and maintenance fees are waived for the first year.

We provide extremely fast website design and production services, 5-10 pages can be completed within two weeks at the fastest, and the price is preferential, starting from 10,000RMB. Can’t wait? Do you want to build a website quickly and cheaply? Contact us for a quote today.

Why make/redesign a website?

No website means no existence in this world. Many small and medium-sized enterprises only have Facebook, Instagram and other social media pages. They have no website or the company website is still in the old HTML format, which affects the company’s brand and customer confidence.

The true value of having your own website: owning a website with an independent domain name on the Internet is equivalent to opening a head office—7×24 hours, 365 days, stimulating sales, network exposure, and product display. If you want to use other online channels (such as social media) to attract customers, it is best to treat them as branches.

We understand the challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprises, and provide customers with one-stop web design and website SEO optimization: professional services, attentive listening, attentive efficiency and affordable prices.

More than 10 years of website production experience

We have produced more than 300 websites in different industries: corporate websites, informational websites, personal webpages and online shops (Online Shop), etc. Our service advantages include:

Recommended Website Content Management Systems (CMS)

Depending on your business needs, we provide WordPress, WordPress+WooCommerce, Prestashop, Joomla!, Drupal, Shopify, Shopline, Magento, OpenCart and other world and China’s most popular CMS as content management platforms for website production. Contact us today for a free website quote.


More than 30% of the world's websites use WordPress


WordPress eCommerce Plugins


Drag & Drop interface, easy to use


Fast and easy-to-use e-commerce platform

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SEO friendly

Month website quickly launched

Monthly free domain name and server maintenance fees

Web design and production process

With more than 10 years of web design experience, managed by a former Google search evaluation and web page scoring expert, providing the most professional and high-quality web design services in Hong Kong.

Obtain customer needs
Listen carefully to the customer’s requirements, set up the website design project timeline, prepare content and pictures and other preparatory work.
Website design and production
Website design (Web Design) and production to attract customers to browse, and special personnel to follow up website requirements and projects, so that your website can be launched on time.
Demo site and UAT
Before the website is officially launched, we will provide a Staging environment for you to test the functions on all web pages to ensure that the website goes online perfectly.
Scene theme
With over 40,000 set themes to choose from across a variety of industries, there’s sure to be one that’s right for your business.
Website optimization
Comprehensive website optimization: optimize user experience, webpage loading speed, Call to Action (call to action), install instant messaging software, etc.
SEO and online promotion
Once your website is live, join our SEO and other promotional programs to drive more traffic, leads and business to your website.
Site planning
Conceive the purpose of website production, identify target users, plan content, and formulate design concepts.
System connection and additional functions
Some websites do not operate independently (Standalone), and need to be connected to other systems, or require additional programming to provide other functions of the webpage, and our team can implement them one by one.
Website maintenance and update
Make sure your website is using the latest version of your CMS to keep it safe from hackers and intrusions. Free website maintenance and content update for the first year.

Website design case

300+ web design clients, covering various industries

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Web Design FAQ

The following are questions we often encounter, hoping to answer your questions about Web Design.

The website needs to give customers a professional feeling. Hiring a web design company can quickly build a professional and high-quality website, and website production and maintenance involve technical knowledge. Generally, large, medium and small enterprises lack professional web designers and administrators. It is wise to hire a web company .

When choosing a website design company, customers should consider the following points:

1. Whether the website and domain name are owned by the customer. 2. Whether to use a common CMS to make the website. 3. Whether the website is SEO Friendly. 4. Is the website management annual fee expensive? 5. Can you provide relevant web design cases.

We recommend WordPress, and if you’re an online store, Shopify, Opencart, Prestashop, or WordPress+WooCommerce for your site.

Generally speaking, taking a website with less than 10 pages as an example, if the customer can provide the content and pictures of the website, it can be completed within two weeks at the earliest.

Company website design and production (5-10 pages): starting from RMB15,000
Online shop: starting from RMB20,000

The above price already includes one year of domain name, hosting and maintenance fees, but it is only applicable to: choose the webpage theme (Theme) provided by us; no major changes to the webpage interface; must join our SEO plan.

Some web design companies in the market use self-built CMS to make websites, and they are generally not SEO-friendly websites, and it is difficult to manage and upload content.

To know whether the website domain name and content files are owned by the customer, we found that many web companies will not return the website ownership to the customer after the contract is completed.

We select some high-quality physical servers located in the United States for our customers, and have independent IPs to ensure that your website is stable and safe, and the loading speed is fast and smooth.

Multi-language, WhatsApp/instant messaging button, form (Contact Form), CRM customer relationship and inquiry management system, Google Maps, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, etc. If you need additional features, please contact us for a detailed quotation.

Unless you want to build a one-page website (One Page Web Design), your website should have the following pages:
About Us
Products or Services
News (News & Blog)
Contact Us

Taking a company that focuses on App development and web design as an example, the service page can be subdivided into web design, online store design, web hosting, App design and development, etc.

Favorable prices, fast delivery, website source code delivery guarantee, SEO friendly website and bring traffic and business.

Company website design, institutional website design, school website design and online store design and production, etc.

Rotational Banner rotating banner, Call To Action action call button, Contact Form form, Mobile Friendly mobile website, etc., Google Maps business map, Catalog product display, etc.

We recommend using WordPress.

First, 34% of the world’s websites, especially commercial-level websites, are built with WordPress, while the second Wix has less than 2%, which shows that WordPress is more mainstream and more people trust this platform.

Second, WordPress itself is an open source software platform with high flexibility. The 55,000 plugins in WordPress.org can almost achieve all the functions you want, while the second place, Wix, only has a few thousand plugins, which shows that we can Do more with WordPress.

Thirdly, using WordPress website for SEO optimization has the fastest and best effect. Google will think that building a website with WordPress is more formal, so it will give you a higher weight. This shows that even Google trusts WordPress more as a platform.

Fourth, more than 42% of the world’s e-commerce websites use WordPress WooCommerce, and now the popular e-commerce Shopify only accounts for 6%, which shows that WordPress is still far ahead in the field of e-commerce. Therefore, I still recommend that everyone build a website with WordPress.

Many people don’t know how to make other forms of websites except flyer websites. There are various forms of websites, but I have concluded that the website mainly has 6 major functions.

The first one, the official website, is used to introduce the company’s products and services, let customers know more about the company, and thus facilitate cooperation opportunities.

The second is the e-commerce website, which sells products or services online and facilitates direct online sales. This requires the installation of online payment systems such as personal accounts and shopping carts on the website.

The third one is used to introduce the history and brilliant achievements of the company, enhance the trust and goodwill of partners and potential customers to the company, and promote cooperation.

Fourth, use trendy websites that are close to young people’s aesthetics and in line with their consumption habits to attract mainstream consumer groups such as post-90s and post-00s, and promote the company in the way they like.

Fifth, it is used to collect customer feedback, solve problems and maintain customer relationships, and prevent customers from giving you bad reviews on public platforms such as Google Review.

Sixth, it is used for recruiting talents, using a beautiful website to leave a good impression on outstanding talents, so that they have a good impression of the company, and then they will want to work for this company.

Does your website have the above functions?

Detailed process of website design and production

The production of a commercial website usually takes 1-2 months, because it involves many influencing factors, the following is the specific production process:

The process of consultation and communication between customers and product managers runs through the entire website production process. First, customers introduce their business, services, products, features, advantages and disadvantages, and then product managers look for high-quality websites in the same industry, summarizing all the high-quality features of these websites, and then Draw the corresponding function diagram.

After preliminary communication and agreement, sign a contract with the customer to determine the webpage production and delivery process.

UE (User Experience) refers to the user interface function diagram, which reflects the user’s feelings during the use of the website, and is completed by the product manager or framework engineer.

UI (User Interface) refers to the user interface, which is the overall design of human-computer interaction, operation logic, and beautiful interface of the website, which is completed by graphic designers.

Determine the pictures, texts, videos and other materials that customers can provide, as well as the materials that we need to provide.

A domain name (Domain) is the address of a website. A good domain name usually has its own search volume, but such a domain name usually requires additional money to purchase. Website space (Hosting) is generally only a few hundred a year.

More than one-third of the world’s websites are made with WordPress. As the most popular website building tool for Google, WordPress has more SEO advantages of its own (such as permalinks, tags, headings, plug-ins, renew)

According to user needs, products and services, the website production company produces customized functions and template codes, which are completed by website engineers.

After the initial production of the website is uploaded to the server, the testing of various performance conditions of the website is also completed by the website engineer.

It will be most attractive when the client communicates with the content editorial department. Fill the website with the best quality text, pictures, and videos, and keep optimizing it.

The SEO specialist will optimize the website code label, content, URL, etc., and lay a good foundation for SEO while building the website.

Advantages of building a foreign trade independent station with WordPress

The advantages of using WordPress to build a foreign trade independent station, with various functions, can be made according to the graphic design provided by the customer

WordPress was born in 2003 and has a history of 18 years of operation. From the initial blog site building system to the current CMS content site building system, a total of 40 versions have been released. The latest W3techs report shows that WordPress has a market share of 42.7%, which means that more than two-fifths of the websites on the Internet are created with WordPress. Although there are many new programs that are popular in the market, such as Shopify, in terms of volume, there is a big gap with WordPress.

And many well-known websites in the world are developed with WordPress, such as: White House, New York Times, Microsoft skypeblog, UPS

With the development of foreign trade website building procedures in recent years, many domestic companies have independently developed their own foreign trade systems to help everyone build foreign trade websites, and the prices of some companies are also very expensive, but these websites often ignore a very important point. That is, the audience of the website is overseas users.

The developers of WordPress programs and WordPress themes are mostly Europeans and Americans. They know the usage and aesthetic needs of overseas customers best, so in terms of function and design, they are in line with the usage habits of users in mainstream overseas markets.

If you want to win the favor of overseas users, it is not enough to have a rigid display station. It often requires a lot of interaction with website visitors or data statistics functions. WordPress itself comes with many free plug-ins to improve the marketing function of the website, such as Yoast’s SEO optimization plug-in, backup plug-in or cache plug-in, online message form plug-in, and so on.

WordPress is not the only website building program abroad. Similar programs include Drupal or Joomla, etc., but why is WordPress so popular and enduring? The reason is that many website building technology giants have passed years of testing, and WordPress uses standard compliance and high-quality code to write and generate semantic markup. Because of this, search engines such as Google like websites built with WordPress very much, which is conducive to the optimization and ranking of websites.

Compared with websites built on the basis of SAAS technology such as Shopify, the website built with WordPress is really the website of the enterprise itself. The important data is in the hands of the enterprise. Whether the website can be used normally is not controlled by others, which greatly reduces data storage and maintenance risk.

Another killer feature of WordPress is that it can be integrated with overseas social media platforms, such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, etc., to facilitate traffic and customer acquisition. On WordPress, you can create custom social media buttons for news blogs, so that users can share your content to relevant social media with one click, which will expose your brand and products more widely, and also improve the SEO of the website ranking.

The latest data shows that the mobile traffic of the website reaches 54.8%. The website built by WordPress fully meets the website’s requirements for mobile adaptation, and will do corresponding mobile optimization to make it more friendly to mobile users.

Whether your cross-border business has just started or is in urgent need of upgrading and transformation, using WordPress to build a brand official website or e-commerce independent website that is more in line with the usage habits of overseas market audiences will definitely bring you unexpected gains. However, building a website with WordPress is not that simple. It requires a team with certain professional WordPress knowledge to handle it. In the follow-up articles, the editor will also tell you a few precautions for building a website with WordPress to save your time in building a website. Avoid detours.

WordPress is an open source platform with a large number of developers developing theme templates for it. Foreign trade companies can choose their own theme templates according to their own needs. Or develop your own original templates as needed.

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