Connect your Magento 1.x account to Facebook

Connect your Magento account to Facebook

Set up your Magento account to share your website events with Facebook in order gain more insights about how users are interacting with your business. By passing more events to Facebook, you can optimize the targeting and delivery of your Facebook ads to drive more business outcomes.

To get started, go to the Magento page in Events Manager and follow our guided instructions that help you select the pixel you want to use and configure the Facebook Ads Extension in your account. You can also follow the instructions below.

Download the Facebook Ads Extension

Click Download for a .zip file that you’ll install in your Magento account.


This integration is supported for Magento versions 1.x.


Go to Settings

Note: If you’re using the Magento compilation, you’ll need to disable it before installing your extension. To do this, go to System, click Tools and select Compilation.

  1. Log in to your Magento Admin Panel and click System.
  2. In the System dropdown, hover over Magento Connect and select Magento Connect Manager.

Install Plugin

  1. Click Choose File and select Note: If you’ve already installed the Facebook Ads Extension, you’ll need to click Uninstall next to the previous version before you can upload this file.
  2. Click Upload.

Select Settings

  1. Return to your Magento Admin Panel and click Facebook Ads Extension.
  2. Click Get Started to follow the instructions to select your Facebook Page, pixel and products. Be sure to come back to this page to complete your setup.

Find new potential customers with a conversions ad

Create a campaign using the Conversions objective to attract new shoppers to your website. You can create audiences that look similar to people who have taken actions you care about (like making a purchase) and find new potential customers.

Create a product set
Choose your campaign preferences
Create your conversions ad

Scale your ad creation with dynamic ads

If you’re an e-commerce business that sells many products, and you’d like to reach people who have already visited your website, then dynamic ads may be right for you.

Once you upload your products to Facebook, you can use dynamic ads to:

  • Scale your ads creation
    Create ads that are relevant to specific groups of people without having to manually set up each individual ad.
  • Find new potential customers
    Keep reaching new people who have visited your website after you set up your campaign.
  • Show the right products
    Show people relevant ads on Facebook and Instagram with products they viewed on your website. Learn more about Facebook dynamic ads.
  • Reach people anywhere, on any device
    Show ads to people using mobile, desktop, and tablet devices on Facebook and Instagram.


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Connect your Magento 1.x account to Facebook