Chinese wood carving art

A whip a chisel to write the spring and autumn, hard things picked up the hammer chisel in wood carving wood carving works creation, wood carving craft perfect. The wood carvings,

Chinese wood carving, wood carving wood carving Museum, scroll, Chinese wood carving art exhibition, wood carving wood carving history: ancient Luban craftsman, extraordinary as if done by the spirits, and the creation in technology, wood production process, material selection, design, a blank, repair fine grinding, polishing, etc.. Carving techniques to relief, combined with the use of “deep carving”, “hollow carving”, “hollow double-sided carving”, “half round,” “three,” surface carving “cylindrical carving”, “fighting eagle”, “carved Yin”, “tree root”, “inlaid carving”, “hollow stick Huadiao Shaoxing medium sweet” and other ten kinds of methods. Carving delicate, exquisite, exquisitely carved and not hurt the overall and firm. Carver knife as pen, hand coordination, subtle nature used in wood carving, put everything vivid reinvention become culture and connotation of ancient history. Wood carving art in “wood” as the soul, carving.

The process of crystallization, five thousand years of culture, now has a generation of decline, the lost craft, craft burst and who can really to “save” the woodcarving? Culture heritage, people on a guardian, by the Chinese nation with things to reflect the existence. Optimistic about the prospects of wood collection,

The art of wood carving, unable to resist the charm fashion

Double happiness: a magpie. Such as magpie? In the plum trees, is interpreted as “look very happy.”.

Duo: Bergamot a Fu, a life of peach, pomegranate a multi.

Pine, bamboo and plum blossom: pine, bamboo, plum

Four gentlemen: plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum. Spring, summer, autumn also metaphor, winter.

Tortoise: dragon, Phoenix, kylin, tortoise.

Four Yi: tillage, reading, fishing, firewood.

Pray for auspicious homophonic flag: in combination, ball, halberd, Qing and.

Riches and honour peace: “Peony” represents wealth, “flower vase” homophonic peace and.

Wu Fu: life, rich, Kang, fix Germany, old end of life. Often in the five bats representing if cloud, is luck.

The history of precipitation, the eternal classic. “The softest, surf the world to kin”. The wood was a living thing, it has brought mankind untold benefits, while human beings can give their return is that special kind of gentle and beautiful, and pure quality well reflect the sporadic, and given new life. Work is not only the product of the masters have clever hands and good sense of the people, is the crystallization of wood harmony between man and the wood, expressing the unique language intersection and emotion.














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Chinese wood carving art