Stop ignoring social media (it’s good for you!)


Stop ignoring social media (it’s good for you!)

Alright, let’s face it. Social media is a communication tycoon in the world we live in today. The concept of ‘paid advertising’ has lost its depth on account of the alternative; things like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The very concept of advertising has changed drastically since the change and evolution of our digital age.

Don’t be scared though – social media is perfect for promoting your art and when taking a step-by-step approach, it won’t be overwhelming at all. While most artists see it as a big time consuming monster, when using it to promote you business, using Social Media effectively will not only get your art to the proper eyes that can take your artistic career to new heights, but it does it at a speed that nothing else can compare to. It gets you involved in various networks that years ago simply wouldn’t be available, and as a luxury, it’s become the very ‘need’ people rely on to become successful. So how and where do we join the crowd?


Facebook, while seen overall as a way of socializing and scheduling good times with friends, has become a means of promotion and advertisement.  Many employers use it as a way to find potential candidates; just as artists use it as a means of distributing and promoting musical and artistic talent.

Groups – Joining the right groups and discussing your artistic ‘avenues’ will get you involved in the right social media. Once you get into the right groups and discuss your goals, sell your personality, and display your work, the potential for success becomes within your reach by the simple investment of time.  And let’s face it, without an investment of time, there is no chance for success.

Posts – Posting about continuous updates, your plans, and your ideas for the future, will generate a fan base, and give you a foundation to continuously grow from.


Twitter gives you an entire network of individuals; both friends, and professionals, and allows you to generate frequent updates about your current situation.  Whether it is what you are working on, ideas you happen to be having, links to concepts ‘relevant’ to your material, it gives you an additional fan base.  The more you reach out, the more response you will get.  Response is everything in the network to becoming an artist.

Timing evaluation – Discover when your tweets are most effective and get the most views. The point of a tweet is to generate an audience and to captivate them to follow you and look into your future development.  Show people at the right time you are interesting, unique, and give them something they want to come back and learn more about.


LinkedIn is more lined up for business professionals, but that doesn’t make it any less valuable in the concept of development toward being a successful artist. Meeting the right people with marketing ability and the initial ‘connections’ in your particular field will save you a lot of work. LinkedIn allows a trade of professional abilities, an astute governing of networking, which lead to communication directly with the right people.

Groups – Similar to Facebook, however more effective from the governing of the business aspect.  You can create or join a group relevant to your ‘idea or concept’ and grow it.  Develop a network of individuals like you striving to become noticed, and make yourself well known. The most important factor of becoming well known for you art is your reputation, and reputation is driven by consistent work, and the display of consistent improvement.


If you use a blog to promote your art, then social media is even more important.  If you are trying to create a fan base, and a central point where your work and skill can be found, social networking is the ultimate tool to drive people to your blog.  With the proper networking layout you can generate:

  • Free advertisement
  • Tweets at the right moment
  • Proper group announcements
  • Calendar arrangements for ‘new’ work
  • A general discussion venue to compare ideas and concepts
  • An infinite number of ways to grow and become more successful

Social media is the ultimate tool for communication; and professional growth has a direct link of reliance toward communication. The way you promote yourself through the art of communication becomes the single link between success and failure, and looking into the right way to do it, and the professional way to do it are in your best interest as an artist.





Stop ignoring social media (it’s good for you!)