Stefanie Sun makes a comeback

Singapore singer Stefanie Sun inks a multi-million dollar deal with a new music label and reveals plans for her comeback, after almost two years away from showbiz.


SINGAPORE: Singapore singer Stefanie Sun is set to make a comeback, after taking almost two years off from showbiz to have a baby and spend time with her family.

The singer has inked a music deal with music label Universal Music, which will see the label invest over NT$100 million (S$4.2 million) in Sun’s upcoming album and concert tour.

Sun plans to release her new album by the end of the year, and embark on a concert tour next year.

However, the concert tour will take place at a more relaxed pace than her previous ones.

“We’ll try to spread out the dates on the concert tour, because you have to give your best for every performance.

“You will run out of steam by the time you do your third or fourth performance,” said Sun after a signing ceremony in Singapore on Tuesday, which was attended by reporters from across the region.

Back in the public eye

Although Sun’s previous albums have sold very well, the singer told reporters that she wasn’t overly concerned about album sales figures, following her move to a new music label.

“I feel that I am lucky to feel no pressure over album sales, because I have been around for over ten years.

“It’s probably harder on newcomers because of the music labels’ investment on them and opportunities to release and album are harder to come by,” said Sun.

She explained that her biggest source of pressure now is actually the thought of going back into the public eye, and handling the expectations of her fans as well as the media.

“It has always been like this. I feel that fans expect, and the media hope you can ‘Wow, surprise us!’ whenever you come out.

“As a singer, all you can do is to keep getting better, keep moving forward,” said Sun, who described singing as a calling.

Still, she believes pressure is a good thing.

“I think it’s important to look on the bright side. It’s because there is pressure, you can find out what more you can do.

“If you go ‘Don’t give me pressure’ … then you won’t have the motivation to go forward in life,” said the 35-year-old singer.

Privacy please

While she appeared to have accepted the fact that she will lose some of her privacy after her comeback, Sun fiercely protects the privacy of her 10-month-old son.

Sun refused to disclose his name when asked by the media on Tuesday, and said she is reluctant to take him with her when she travels overseas for work, lest the paparazzi get to him.

She pointed out that she is very firm when it comes to people wanting to photograph her with her child, and always refuses such requests.

However, her protectiveness has led to an awkward situation with a woman on a plane once.

Sun was travelling on a plane with her son when she spotted a woman nearby fiddling with her mobile phone, and thought she was attempting to photograph them.

“I said to her ‘Sorry, don’t photograph me and my child’.

“It turns out the woman was from Thailand and did not know who I was at all,” said Sun sheepishly.

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Stefanie Sun makes a comeback