DigitalOcean Spaces Sync wordpress plugin

DigitalOcean Spaces Sync plugin connects your Media Library to a container in DigitalOcean Spaces. It syncs data from your website to cloud storage
and replaces links to images (optional). You may keep the media locally (on your server) and make backup copy to cloud storage, or just serve it all
from DigitalOcean Spaces.

In order to use this plugin, you have to create a DigitalOcean Spaces API key.

You may now define constants in order to configure the plugin. If the constant is defined, it overwrites the value from settings page.
Contants description:
– DOS_KEY – DigitalOcean Spaces key
– DOS_SECRET – DigitalOcean Spaces secret,
– DOS_ENDPOINT – DigitalOcean Spaces endpoint,
– DOS_CONTAINER – DigitalOcean Spaces container,
– DOS_STORAGE_PATH – The path to the file in the storage, will appear as a prefix,
– DOS_STORAGE_FILE_ONLY – Keep files only in DigitalOcean Spaces or not, values (true|false),
– DOS_STORAGE_FILE_DELETE – Remove files in DigitalOcean Spaces on delete or not, values (true|false),
– DOS_FILTER – A Regex filter,
– UPLOAD_URL_PATH – A full url to the files, WP Constant,
– UPLOAD_PATH – A path to the local files, WP Constant

There is a known issue with the built in WordPress Image Editor, it will not upload changed images. Know how to fix this, PR welcome.



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DigitalOcean Spaces Sync wordpress plugin